Henley Audio is pleased to amplify the sounds of Survival of the Fittest on Friday June 13th. We will be featuring a JBL VRX compact line-array speaker system to enhance the experience with high quality clear sound. The VRX cabinets feature multiple high-frequency drivers in each cabinet. This allows us to obtain a warm and bright sound in the small cafe-turned music venue. We will also be utilizing a selection of JBL subwoofers with Differential-Drive technology to reach deep lows with a tight punch. It will be enough to satisfy the bass-heavy Hip Hop music fans. “It’s a bit overkill for the venue, though this allows us to keep the overall volume level lower while achieving dynamically full-range sound”.

From the Facebook Event page:

< Kristoff Krane and Carnage The Executioner have joined forces to feature the talent of young up and coming collective of artists called, LSe7en & Jets Gang Music. Jets Gang Music is a collective of young artists focused on spreading the arts via mentorship, team work and equal opportunity. LSe7en is a collective of youth who have identified the struggle and learned how to cope by following their dreams through collaborative community efforts. They state, "Its hard to be positive when you've seen negative all your life. We're all trying to find our own way out the struggle, the oppression. We are here to do just that in a positive way and help others do the same. We are...The Last 7eft. A movement for the people. " Both collectives found their roots while participating in an art program based out of Youthlink, called Kulture Klub, where they have access to studio resources and mentorship. Carnage The Executioner is known around the world for his on-the-fly beat box looping as the back drop for his intense lyrical onslaught. He's been a staple on the Minneapolis Hip-Hop scene for 15+ years. Kristoff Krane, most widely known for his freestyling chops and affiliation with Rhymesayer's free jazz - rap act, "Face Candy", became a member of the group after being introduced to Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen by Carnage, who was already in the band and close friends with Micheal. All ages Free / Suggested Donation $10 /blockquote>

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