Mobile Recording

Mobile Recording

On-Site tracking available for any location.

Ready to record your concert?  Henley Audio offers mobile recording packages with up to 24 multitrack channels.  Top studio quality outboard recording equipment featuring Universal Audio, API, Avalon and Focusrite preamplifiers are available in portable packages.  No matter how big our small your budget, you will be able to capture your performance and excitement from the crowd!

Post Production/Mixing & Mastering services available.

Henley Audio works closely with some of the best studios in the industry.  We can work with any budget to make affordable mixing and mastering reachable for anyone.  With the rise of home-based studios, many projects just need that extra bump in volume and sound quality.  We can offer software-based services for those on a tight budget, or utilize timeless analog summing equipment such as the Neve 8068 formerly owned by John Lennon, now located at Organica Recording.


“I was very impressed and comforted by Mr. Henley’s ability to record my sessions as a fly on the wall with a minor degree in psychology.  Thank you Henley Audio for the crisp easy flow.”

-C.R.G. – Recording Artist

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