Our customers select Henley Audio to provide audio, video, lighting and control systems for some of the the most esteemed venues around. By offering integrated solutions with the finest products, customers can rely with confidence the system will meet their needs, function well, and continue to perform. We offer custom designed A/V installations and live music systems for music venues, hospitality, enterprise-grade office, house of worship, studios and clubs. We work throughout the design process, including acoustic planning and construction phases to accomplish your goals. Architectural-Media-Systems
  • We offer Venue/Auditorium design services with the utilization of EASE acoustic modelling, System Architect  and HiQnet soundsystem design software to analyze potential acoustical problems before they arise.
  • We install Restaurant / Club / Studio  A/V, music playback and paging systems.

  • House of Worship installations prioritizing the clear intelligibility of amplified speech with high quality sound for music considering the limitations of acoustic characteristics and cosmetic appearances.

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We believe modern audio-visual systems have to meet criteria including:
  • Energy efficiency
  • Device manageability
  • Intuitive user interface and ease of use for staff, partners and guests
  • High quality audio and visual systems
  • Presentable: (i.e., creative installation in historic building with exposed ducts, brick walls, and other architectural obstacles)
In today’s A/V technology business environment, whether it’s virtualization or cloud servers, less is more. Less space, less power, less management, less expense and more horse power, giving the business user more to work with. The same principles should apply to networked infrastructure in an install. There is absolutely no need to over-cable or over-wire installations when properly configured for their practical use and foreseeable future expansions.Similarly, it is not necessarily preferable to install the most expensive Category 6A cable you can get, or ultra-premium copper signal and speaker cabling. More wire installed and higher expenses can mean draining fees from the client without necessarily guaranteeing a higher quality installation.One exception is video cabling, which can have drastic consequences when cutting corners to save money. Another fine-lined example is ambient sound system designs, where more speakers may improve intelligibility of speech and music, though careful attention must be placed on the proper selection of equipment to account for coverage patterns. Speakers too closely spaced can cause phase interruption known as “comb-filtering”, while speakers too far apart react with room acoustics causing unnecessary reverberations.To optimize the benefits of controllable systems, we prefer to specify and install systems designed to work together. Speaker processing should have pre-configured tuning for specific speaker systems, and video scalers/switchers should communicate with displays to make smooth transitions in media. We believe direct communication and working closely with hardware design architects will ensure the consistent utilization of appropriate equipment and practical modeling.
Already have a sound reinforcement system?  See how we can optimize our overhaul your existing system to sound and perform better.  Often we can retrofit using new or used equipment and installation techniques to improve an existing sound system.EASE audio installation simulation
“Couldn’t be happier with the most professional install imaginable” – Mike Riehle, Owner, Sauce Spirits and Soundbar

Enhanced Acoustics Simulator for Engineers, E.A.S.E. Software technology

Sounding good is easy.  Sounding great is art!

    • Not many engineers outside of the acoustic or audio visual industry have heard of this 3D modeling software. It is an amazing acoustical analysis software that can be utilized to determine the best placement of speakers as well as determining the best location to put acoustical material in a room.
What is EASE?EASE is a 3D acoustical simulation software that is extensively used by acoustical consultants all across the world. When given a task to design an audio system for a complex space such as a reverberant church or a glass walled conference room, engineers really didn’t have the appropriate tools to solve this problem. Most of the time, the engineers would actually go out to this space and put speakers up and do measurements in order to determine the best location to place speakers in the room. Placing them too close or even angled incorrectly can result in the audio being unintelligible and useless. This software allows the user to build a room within the software and run analysis to determine how sound will behave inside this room. The user can assign specific materials to each of the walls of the room so that more precise results can be obtained. Each of the materials assigned are pulled from a master database that has been compiled for various materials ranging from wood, metals, carpet, to even glass, rock, grass and water. Each of these materials has a certain absorption and reflection index which will be used by the software to show the results of how sound is behaving in the room.  
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