Henley Audio utilizes various speakers offered by JBL Professional. These speakers are high quality, reliable, time-tested, and most importantly they continue to work day-after-day in environments that demand the best sounding audio for the broad variables presented by different venues.

We choose JBL product lines to accomplish budget-conscious productions. The SRX speaker cabinets are an excellent option for ground-stacking configurations. The easy flying options of VRX cabinets make rigging a compact line array system an affordable and attractive option without needing unsightly truss or extensive rigging components. For Larger productions, we can utilize the full sized VERTEC 3-way Line-Array cabinets. With the release of JBL’s new “V.5” tuning now offered with Crowns I-Tech HD amplifiers, the VERTECĀ  sound has improved to compete with the sound quality expected by the most expensive Line-Array systems.

JBL Professional, based in Northridge, California, is one of the most respected names in sound reinforcement. JBL loudspeakers feature cutting edge engineering supported by over a half-century’s experience. JBL components continue to set industry standards and satisfy the most demanding customers. We trust JBL based on our first-hand experience and our mutual reputations.