Soundcraft Visi iPad remote control for Vi & Si consoles

Soundcraft has launched Version 2 of its ViSi Remote iPad app, allowing remote control of Soundcraft Vi, Si Compact, Si Performer and Si Expression mixing consoles wirelessly from an iPad.

With ViSi Remote V. 2, audio engineers can roam the venue and  make adjustments to mixes and other audio parameters directly from an iPad.

Version 2 lets Si Compact, Performer and Expression users adjust channel strip settings per channel, including Gate, Compressor and EQ along with Pan, LR/Mono routing and phase invert switches. Harman states that it will add this functionality to Vi consoles in a future update.

With this latest release of Soundcraft ViSi Remote V. 2, engineers can optimize the front-of-house mix from anywhere in the room; adjust monitor levels while standing next to the artist; adjust channel strip settings remote from the console; extend the fader count of an existing control surface; control a network of consoles (e.g. FOH and Monitor); and allow multiple users on the same console to control their own mixes.

Henley Audio has both the wireless iPad remote control equipped 16 channel and 32 channel mixing consoles available.

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